Life before working with Tara was dark and full of pain. Overdramatic? Not, at all. I had struggled with severe IBS-constipation/diarrhea since I can remember. Earliest memory is first grade sitting on my bedroom floor, crying because I was no longer allowed to eat ice-cream to see if that helped my symptoms. Senior year in high school I almost lost my entire large intestines due to ulcerative colitis that went misdiagnosed for a stomach bug. I was constantly in pain, lying on the bathroom floor crying and praying that flare up would be the last. All through undergrad and graduate school I had to juggle my symptoms worsening, was slowly dropping more foods from my safe to eat list, and then having debilitating migraines. Constipation was my bedfellow. Bloating was my never leaving companion. Diarrhea was that ever-stabbing thorn in my side. I had tried 20 years of being told to be on Metamucil or some other form of laxative. I was told to go gluten free. I went lactose free, because I could not handle a sip or lick of dairy. I also tried essential oils and probiotics.

As a result of working with Tara, Life is bright again. Birds are singing. I am smiling and eating ice cream. I am overwhelmed with how amazing I feel. Her program was intensive and required a lot of work and determination, but it was worth every single moment. Tara was so supportive and thorough in her guidance and education that she provided. I am no longer constipated. I have healthy bowel movement 1-3 times a day. I have never in my life had that. I did not even know it was possible. My energy is through the roof. I sleep wonderfully now. I wake up, refreshed and ready to conquer the busy day ahead. I am no longer walking in the store and then doubling over in stomach pain. I no longer am crying on the bathroom floor, waiting for the pain to stop so I can go to bed. I am free and thank God every day for Tara and her program!

My daily life has improved dramatically. I can wear any bottoms because the bloating is gone. There is no longer stomach pain from my pants pushing on my belly. I have been able to eat foods, that I haven't touched in years. I am able to eat milk products, pork products, and I have even dabbled with some gluten. I have been able to continue working without having to cancel on customers. In the past flare ups were too bad to even stand and I could not work. I even got on stage and spoke to several hundred military members, on the spot, and not a single flare up. In the past, nervousness would cause me to go running to the bathroom, or give me stomach pains all night, but not anymore! We went on vacation, and I ate ice cream at my favorite childhood establishment, and did not even feel the slightest rumble! Life is good!

I am someone who needs accountability. I can never finish a workout program. However, having the zoom meetings scheduled definitely helped keep my on track. Tara is kind and easy to talk to, and has a wealth of knowledge to share. She truly cares about what is causing the horrible symptoms. She desires a lifelong fix, not something that makes you feel eased for a month or two. I have recommended Tara to so many and will continue to do so as long as she's in practice! Tara truly knows and has lived everything she shares. She knows firsthand how horrible abdominal issues are, and is not some random doctor in a office telling you a laxative will cure all and to call back if you need more. She runs test to get to the root cause. She does not just put Band-Aids on the symptoms. That is why I love working with her. She will do everything she can to figure out what is the cause, and then back it up with research on how to fix it. Tara is the real deal.

- Maria V., 30

I had been struggling for DECADES before I finally found Tara. This had started with poor eating and lifestyle habits as a teenager which got progressively worse due to other exposures in my 20s and 30s when it got to the point where I was depressed, negative, clouded mind, irregular bowel habits like fluctuating between going once a week to rushing to the loo for unpleasant explosions. Often I couldn't go out, had to cancel plans, felt like I was dying on the inside, suffered chronic migraines and a myriad of other growing symptoms. I couldn't go on that way and had tried so many different things before working with Tara.

I had tried various types of antibiotics over many years. I had tried multiple courses of antimicrobials, including in conjunction with elimination diets. I had tried intermittent fasting. I had tried various elimination diets eg no gluten, no dairy, FODMAP and SIBO diets etc. I had tried ElementALL Diet, twice.

I feel very empowered after working with Tara. I learnt a lot from her that I had previously instinctually felt but wasn't recommended by other practitioners. Other nutritionists, naturopaths, doctors etc would often recommend courses of action that made me feel worse. I would regularly catch myself thinking "this isn't working for me" and I really had to push others to explore other issues. Sometimes it felt like even professionals thought it was all in my head! When I read Tara's posts I finally thought "Yes, that makes sense (for me)!

Since working with Tara my sleep has improved out of sight. I am sleeping through pretty much every night and I feel more rested in the morning. I don't struggle to get to sleep. I have exceedingly more energy. When I started I was completely lethargic. I am not getting any more migraines. I feel more emotionally balanced and I suffer considerably less stomach discomfort and pain. Yay!

My overall mood has improved since working with Tara which has helped me in so many aspects of life including friends and also at work. I feel more confident in eating out about what are good food choices. Prior to working with Tara there were a lot of foods that I would have thought were helping me that were actually hindering me, for me this is no compromise.

Tara's approach is about supporting you to make informed choices, ensuring that we take control of our own health - we are in the driver's seat. But so often this approach isn't supported with well-researched facts and enough education. Her 1-on-1 format motivated me to be present in our sessions and really take on what she taught. She regularly checked in with me. I would highly recommend Tara if you are aiming to get to the root cause of your health issues, hone in on solutions, learn about and take responsibility for your health and see results!

- Hannah A., 40

I felt almost immediate relief in following Tara's suggestions. Even before starting the supplement protocol! Much less bloating and zero cravings! No more emergency trips to the bathroom! My sleep habits have changed and I am seeing improvements in my quality of sleep. I have change the way I work out to a much more manageable and enjoying routine. My brain fog is lifting and I can think clearly again.

I feel that I'm am on a path to a much more relaxed and healthy attitude towards food and fueling my body. I do not worry about going out to eat or feel guilty about the piece of chocolate or ice cream after dinner. I no longer need to know where every bathroom in the city is located! My new focus on giving my body what it needs including food, sleep, exercise and social activity has made me much more relaxed, content and happy!

Before working with Tara, I was having major digestive issues and no matter what attempts I made to alleviate my symptoms I was steadily declining. I was feeling bloated, lethargic and miserable. I had constant chocolate and salt cravings that could not be quenched. After years of working with medical professional and not seeing any improvement I had almost given up hope of ever feeling better.

I had tried many different diets including gluten free, meat free, diary free and sugar free. I was filling my plate with all of the "good" foods I had been told to eat. Heaps of raw veggies, lean meats and whole grains. Nothing would alleviate my worsening symptoms. I tried eating less and working out harder. I tried eating more and cutting back on work outs. All to no avail.

I always enjoyed my sessions. All of the information is detailed, informative and easy to incorporate into my daily life. Tara is always willing to answer my many questions and not only explain what is needed but why.

I would absolutely recommend working with Tara. I am impressed with Tara's depth of knowledge and her willingness to research further if required. Everything is explained and understandable. The ease of talking with her and the no pressure approach makes for enjoyable and informative sessions. She is readily available to answer questions and suggest ideas. She is also a delightful young woman. My only regret is not working with Tara sooner!!

- Kathy M., 62

I had struggled with GI issues for almost 20 years, though my symptoms got progressively bad in the last 10 years. Before meeting Tara I had been through the self-treatment route and through naturopaths for the last 5 years. While I saw some improvement, overall most of my symptoms were still there.

When I was on the self-treatment path I always thought there was a magic supplement that would heal me. Every month I would try something different either from the internet or from the supplements isle at Wholefoods. Working with Naturopaths also didn't fully work with me. While I can't generalize, my experience with my naturopath is that it was just like a regular doctor that instead of giving you tons of pills, gives you tons of expensive supplements. Also my experience is that while they were really great at diagnosing the root problem (e.g. parasites that regular labs wouldn't pick), the protocols were not well thought through in my case - lots of supplements and not much strategic work to get rid of the problems. One of the biggest things that didn't work in the past was not really knowing how and what to eat. I thought that because I had cut out gluten, and I shopped at wholefoods I knew a lot and ate healthy. I thought I knew but I really didn't know anything about nutrition.

As a result of working with Tara, I don't feel stress about eating anymore or feel clueless about it. I have a foundation to work from and know exactly what makes me feel good and what doesn't. My GI issues improved significantly. In the past, working with naturopaths I felt clueless about what was going on and why certain protocols were selected. Tara explains everything to you and gives you a lot of knowledge. I learnt valuable lifehacks to improve my sleep and my overall wellbeing.

As a result of working with Tara, I feel like I finally understand how important nutrition is, how to eat and what to eat. It sounds simple but no one really teaches you that or honestly has a clue about it. We live in a world where we are constantly bombarded with marketing and we think that because something says "paleo" or "gluten free", etc. it is healthy. The truth is we don't have a clue. Nutrition is overlooked by naturopaths and regular doctors alike - they also don't have a clue, and is such a fundamental piece to heal, even so much more than tons of supplements.

Tara's protocols make a lot of sense. The length of the protocols and the choice of supplements and medications was very smart and well thought through. In the past, my experience with naturopaths and doctors alike is that they either thought things could be solved in 1 week with heavy medication or they put you on a ton of unnecessary and expensive supplements for a very long long time with no end in sight. I would absolutely recommend Tara to anyone experiencing gut health issues, particularly those with chronic issues like me.

- Liliana O., 37

Tara helped me regulate my wrecked metabolism (caused by struggling to eat with all my symptoms for about a year) to a more regular, stable metabolism. My bathroom visits became more regular, my bloating was greatly reduced, and my daily bouts of nausea disappeared. Tara supported me greatly before my gallbladder removal surgery, during my recovery, and after as I returned to being able to eat so many more things! I do not suffer from loose stool or indigestion despite living without a gallbladder, and my digestive system can handle so many curveballs and still remain strong.

I'm actually getting emotional as I type this. I no longer experience dread, anxiety, or panic when I sit down to eat, because my body has grown strong enough and healthy enough that the nourishing food I eat helps me heal and makes me feel better rather than ill. I have since traveled, had foods I hadn't been able to eat in a year, I can eat all dairy and saturated fats with no issue, and I am regular in the bathroom. I no longer live in fear. I feel free.

Before beginning Tara's program, I struggled with acid reflux, terrible bloating and indigestion, and gallstones. I felt stuck between a rock and a hard place, barely able to eat a lot of foods that wouldn't trigger my symptoms one way or another. I decided that I wanted to go forward with gallbladder removal surgery, but I knew I didn't want to walk that road alone, as complications were possible and I didn't want the surgery to make my other issues (reflux and bloating) worse, even if it would save me the pain of gallstone attacks. I had tried all kinds of elimination diets, acid suppressants that helped for a while, but only led to chronic bloating issues later, and I also I tried going low-FODMAP.

Tara is so KIND. She was so empathetic throughout the process, listening to me as I grieved the life I used to live while also giving me hope that I could one day return to a life without fear. She gave me hope but also held space for me as I talked about how I'd suffered. She listened. Also, as a plus sized woman, I never felt fat-shamed or blamed or dismissed because of my weight. Tara focused on digestive health and healing, and didn't look at me like a mere number on a scale.

Tara meets you where you are, but also challenges you to take charge of your life with an actionable, doable approach where results WILL be seen if you listen and TRY! At least in my experience, having something I could DO to address my symptoms, even while still suffering from them, made me feel better because at least I was taking some sort of action. Tara gave me the tools, the knowledge, the advice and direction for me to take my life into my own hands and try for change.

- J.B., 28

Before working with Tara, I was having a number of symptoms ranging from loose stool, bloating and nausea after eating certain foods, nausea upon awakening, heartburn after eating certain foods, and overall fatigue throughout the day.

Previously, I had tried the specific carbohydrate diet along with multiple rounds of supplementation to clean out any bad bacteria in my gut. I had been seeing a naturopathic doctor who had me test for food sensitivities along with multiple stools tests. Nothing seemed to provide a long term solution to the symptoms I had been experiencing.

As a result of Tara's help, I have seen a dramatic increase if not a complete absence of all of the symptoms I was previously having. I currently have normal bowel movements, no more loose stool. I no longer experience frequent heartburn, it is almost completely gone. My overall energy is much higher throughout the day. Bloating and nausea are a thing of the past as long as I eat within the foods Tara and I have discussed, which is perfectly normal. Overall I feel much healthier, leading to more happiness!

I enjoyed how Tara goes into many facets of not just eating, but lifestyle habits as well. From food to supplements, meditation, sleep environment, exercise, different therapies like red light therapy...the list goes on. It really is an all encompassing program that will target all areas of life in order to improve overall health and wellness for you.

100% would recommend Tara to others. The nutrition/health industry is flooded with a million different ideas and theories behind improving gut health and overall lifestyle. It becomes overwhelming deciding on which method will best fit you. Some are so restrictive and expensive, they seem impossible to sustain. Tara's approach is simple and not restrictive like other methods you will find. You are allowed to eat normal foods that you enjoy, as long as you are eating these foods in the right form. Other facets such as supplements and different therapies are the icing on the cake. It is a simple, healthy, all encompassing approach that will allow you to live the life you want and be happy and healthy as a result!

- Jackson Z., 28

Before working with Tara my main struggles was with digestive issues. I felt I was eating a very healthy and clean diet. However, I was always having digestive issues like upset stomach, loose stool, and irregular bowel movements. It was frustrating and I often turned to things like Tums and Pepto Bismol for any relief. I didn't feel I could enjoy a meal because of worrying how I might feel after.

My health has changed significantly as a result of working with Tara. The foods I eat as a result of working with her have me feeling full of energy throughout the day. But most importantly, my digestive issues feel as if they're a thing of the past. My bowel is normal and consistent and I can confidently enjoy a meal knowing that I will feel great after.

Before Tara I often used medication like Tums and Pepto Bismol. These provided temporary relief at time but I didn't want to have to turn to medication after having my normal lunch or dinner. I also tried cutting out things like dairy, trying to eat more plant-based foods, and less carbs. However, these really didn't have any effect on my digestive issues.

Working with Tara changed my life because I no longer have to constantly worry about what I'm eating and how I will feel after. And I no longer have to worry about running to the bathroom multiple times because of something I ate. My understanding of nutrition has changed significantly

I would definitely recommend Tara to others because Tara cares about getting to the root cause of your health concerns and healing you. She's incredibly informed and an expert at what she does. She'll make you feel valued and like you have someone there to help and guide on your health journey. And the best part is, you will feel amazing and learn a lot about nutrition and health after working with her!

- Michael Z., 27

I would recommend Tara in a heart beat. The fact that she has gone through all this herself gave me the confidence in her that you don't find in other nutritionists that have not experienced the same issues as you have. There is so much out there regarding IBS diets and nutrition and she breaks it down to an achievable, not overwhelming and simple approach. I am eating foods I enjoy and some foods I have not touched in years. Working with Tara has allowed me so much more freedom as I continue making choices based on her approach.

Before Tara, I had been diagnosed with IBS in my early 20s and throughout the years learned to manage it by limiting so many foods. I was always worried about what I was going to eat so I wouldn't get bloated/constipated or have diarrhea later in the day or sometimes immediately after eating, which did not make it enjoyable for me. I was always worried about what I would eat at a get together or going out to eat. When I traveled, I would be constipated for 3-4 days and be miserable, then be at the opposite end and running to the bathroom.

Before Tara, I was limiting so many foods and even some food groups to manage it. Though I was eating whole foods, any day I could still struggle with being constipated or having diarrhea. After working with Tara, I rarely think or worry about if what I eat is going to cause me any digestion issues. As I have continued following Tara's approach with my food choices, I have not struggled with being constipated, bloated or diarrhea. I also feel less moody and more calm. My energy level has increased and even though I didn't have a huge skin problem, I now have clearer skin and healthier hair!

Tara was very thorough and always made sure I understood something before moving on. This helped me learn what my body needs and why. Working with Tara has increased my understanding of what foods fuel and meet my body needs. I enjoy my meals without worry and am enjoying the foods I am eating. She's not only changed my view on food, but how my whole environment and stress play a huge part in my health. It's a life change that makes me feel more in control of my body and environment.

- Anne M., 58

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